Who went peepee in my coke?!

This guy:

Accepts money for services.

JerkDouglas started as a doo-rag washer back in 1960, 10 years later he joined the nancy boy touchers, it was a great disappointment when he found out they were actually a sexy sized group of chickens dressed in chaps, he is now fully employed by himself to make this web comic.

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I'm flying around at random to different conventions, punching people in the balls. If you see me let me know you see me and I'll punch you in the balls as well. It makes a great gift.

2013-05-26 14:32:42
Posted by Jerk@2014-01-11 09:11:11

Oh boy oh boy let's hope this stops the mean old nasty bots.

Posted by Jowa@2014-01-12 22:26:45

She has ferengi teeth.

Posted by Jerk@2014-01-12 22:44:43